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Friday, October 17, 2008

Blossom Redcrane Lexi Tote by Fleurville

I don't know about your location, but up here in the Northeast it's already freezing outside! Every morning when I leave the house to take the kids to school the car is covered in frost and I can already see my breath when I'm hollering at the kids to hurry up (they're really great kids, but, my everybody in my house, including me, worships our sleep)! So anyway, though the fall brings along that chilly air that's not necessarily my thing, it does give me the opportunity to play with my love of fashion! I love pulling out all of my fall sweaters, and, every year I buy a few new bags to tote my gear around in. Well, today when I was wondering what the perfect fall diaper bag is, it jumped out in front of me - the Blossom Redcrane Lexi Tote by Fleurville! Not only is it gorgeous and designed in colors that are perfect for fall, but, it also has these incredible features to boot!

PU faux "Green" leather trim
Seam sealed, water-proof main compartment
Non-skid tote handles
Spacious end pockets
Fleece lined pockets
Changing pad
Fleurville® see-thru wipe case included
Green-LAM Water-resistant exterior
SlipNot™ universal stroller attachment
Dimensions: L 11.75" x H 12.25" x W 6.5"

Looking for your perfect fall diaper bag? Come on over to DiaperBagsRock.com and see what we have in store for you!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fleurville Khaki Camo DJ Bag at DiaperBagsRock.com!

Dads, check out this awesome designer baby diaper bag by Fleurville! The Fleurville DJ Bag is perfectly designed for today's dad - it provides hands free use with convenience which mimics a backback, but it only has one strap and comfortably rests across your back. The image to the right is the Fleurville Khaki Camo DJ Bag - check out the detailed diagram of the bag. At only $118.00, this designer baby diaper bag is too cool to pass up!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fleurville Diaper Bags have arrived!

I have been so excited for this gorgeous collection of Fleurville diaper bags to arrive at DiaperBagsRock.com! Fleurville designs luxury baby diaper bags in a variety of styles and price points that promise something for everyone! Over the next few days I'll be highlighting different styles of Fleurville diaper bags to help you narrow down your options to best choose the designer baby diaper bag that is perfect for you!

The picture on the right is the gorgeous Fleurville Botanical Coral Lexie Tote. The Lexie Tote is designed to be environmentally green while providing spacious compartments and waterproof protection. Each Lexie Tote comes with a complimentary changing pad and see-through diaper wipe case.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

O Yikes! at DiaperBagsRock.com!

Our diaper bag boutique is just growing and growing! Today we added the most perfect line of functional diaper bags - O Yikes! O Yikes! designs clever messengers and slingbacks that are perfect for the adventurous family on the go! Looking for something a little more "indoorsy?" No problem - their collection of square bags is perfect for you!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Allen Ave. Diaper Bags on Sale at DiaperBagsRock.com!

We are so excited! Today we added the totally hip Allen Ave. diaper bag collection to DiaperBagsRock.com! Allen Ave. has created the perfect collection of designer baby diaper bags for dads (moms, don't fret - these trendy baby diaper bags are perfect for you too)! Of course we're celebrating with a sale - we're currently offering 10% off this rockin' collection!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome to DiaperBagsRock.com!

Welcome to DiaperBagsRock.com, your source for the hippest designer diaper bags available! Our trendy diaper bags are geared towards the hip and stylish parent - gone are the days when your diaper bag matches your child's nursery theme!

One thing that is very important to me is that I always offer a sale - as a single mama of two rockin' kiddos, I know all too well how difficult today's economy can be! Make it a point to stop by often to see what's on sale at DiaperBagsRock.com - it may just be the designer diaper bag of your dreams!

So, who's on sale this week? Rock N Moms, a couture line of trendy diaper bags which defines the very essence of our hipster boutique. Rock N Moms offers a line of designer diaper bags in a wide price range guranteed to fit your budget. Check out this gorgeous line of rockin' diaper bags today!
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